Before submitting your application form you should read the following:

Information Sheet 1 - Explanation of the 2 stages involved in obtaining a Family History Report.

Information Sheet 2 - guidance for collecting essential material prior to commissioning a Family History Report.


Mayo Family History Report
Application Form

Information Sheet 1

Explanation of the 2 stages involved
in obtaining a Family History Report


In order to produce your exclusive and individually researched Family History Report, two stages must be completed.

Stage 1: An Assessment

Upon receipt of the completed application form and assessment fee euro95, the research department will assess the information provided by you and then proceed with a preliminary search of all our sources for records relating to your ancestor's family.

The results of the assessment will be sent to you in a document which outlines the research carried out on your behalf and indicates whether records relevant to your ancestor were located.

  • Where records are found, we will quantify the amount of genealogical and other information available and quote you a price to prepare your Family History Report (See Stage 2 below).

  • In cases where records are not found, we will offer all the professional advice and suggestions that we can.

Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery of the results of an assessment.

Stage 2: Preparing Your Family History Report

A Family History Report is a compilation of all the relevant genealogical records found and a wealth of intriguing information about your ancestors lives in Mayo. The attractively presented report also incorporates all available facsimiles of the various genealogical documents pertaining to your ancestors and maps which often show the location(s) where they resided.

Each and every Report compiled by our research department is individually researched and can only be price after an Assessment.

As a guideline, the additional cost to you for commissioning a Family History Report will normally be in the region of euro225 - euro375. Extra copies of the report can be purchased at the special price of euro60 per copy.

Please Note

  • All genealogical records discovered as a result of an assessment are provided in your Family History Report only.
  • The success of an application depends greatly on the amount of details that you provide and the availability of records.

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