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Information Sheet 1 - Explanation of the 2 stages involved in obtaining a Family History Report.

Information Sheet 2 - guidance for collecting essential material prior to commissioning a Family History Report.


Mayo Family History Report
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Information Sheet 2

Guidance for collecting essential material
prior to commissioning a Family History Report


The success of your application for a Family History Report depends greatly on the amount and accuracy of the information supplied by you and the availability of records relating to your enquiry. The Mayo Family History Centres have prepared this information sheet to assist you in collecting essential material prior to commissioning a Family History Report.

Ancestor's Death Record

In several countries, including the U.S.A, death records contain the names of the parents of the deceased. Death records also give an indication of the year of birth of the deceased. Occasionally such records indicate a date of birth but these are often inaccurate.

Newspaper Obituaries

Some biographical details on your ancestor, including the names of surviving brothers and sisters, may be published in a local newspaper obituary shortly after your ancestor's death.

Ancestor's Marriage Records

Your ancestor may have two records of marriage - a Civil and a Church record. Each may contain different details so both are worth checking.

Oral Family History and Family Documents

Check with older relatives for information that might prove of value. They may have some useful documents including memorial cards, correspondence from relatives in Ireland, a family Bible or Missal containing important family dates or other information or documentation.

Census Returns

In most countries a Census was taken every ten years. Occasionally relatives of your ancestor who also emigrated from Ireland may appear on such records providing valuable clues to locating details of your ancestor's relatives in your country and in our sources.

Army/Navy/Convict/Naturalisation Records

If your ancestor served in the services or was transported, or naturalised, biographical details such as place of birth, year of birth, parents' names etc., may appear on such documents.

Will and Deeds

If your ancestor held property or made a will, these may contain addresses useful in checking Census records or the names of relatives remaining in Ireland.

Burial and Cemetery Records and Gravestone Inscriptions

These may contain additional information to that which appears on the death record.

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