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The Mayo Family History Centres - County Mayo, Ireland


Returning to Your Roots

- A Sentimental Journey into your Past -


Why not retrace your ancestors' footsteps back to County Mayo?


Every year, people return to Mayo to experience first hand the history and heritage of their forefathers.


As you trace family footsteps back through time, you will find that your personalised Family History Report plays a pivotal role in helping you discover your ancestral homeland.


Visitors have described the journey

"as the most exciting and emotional holiday ever experienced".

Imagine how you would feel standing in the ruins of a cottage, or on the plot of land, where your family once lived, or yet again, seeing their place of rest.

You will learn something of their lives in Mayo and appreciate what they left behind in search for a better quality of life, greater freedom, adventure or simply to survive.

Gaining in popularity also, are organised Clan re-union trips to their native homes which instils a sense of nostalgia and belongingness to even the most sceptical of visitors. Meeting long-lost relatives in the surroundings of your forefathers homeland is an experience which should not be missed!

Mayo offers the visitor a multitude of activities to enjoy. The great western lakes, rivers and sea provide the angler with exciting and varied fishing experiences. The golfer is also well catered for with a range of courses to choose from . It is all this plus the warm welcome of the Mayo clans that will make your holiday in Mayo a memorable experience.


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To find out more about the centres, you can contact them at: 

South Mayo Family Research Centre
Main Street
Co Mayo

Tel: + 353 (0) 94 954 1214
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